Our Great Big Backyards

Have you taken a look behind the gates of your local kindergarten lately?

There’s a world to explore in our leafy green big backyards, and so much to learn and experience along the way.

Real trees to climb, real grass to dig and sandpits to spark imagination are just some of the things that offer endless opportunities for creativity, play, learning and motor development. With the help of our fully qualified teachers, tamariki expand their horizons and soak up new experiences through nature’s ever- changing offerings.

Care about the environment? So do we – kaitiakitanga is in our blood, and we are passionate about sharing it with the next generation of our planet’s caretakers.

You’ll find climbing and physical play equipment, too, with age-appropriate, unique play spaces that are carefully designed to support physical growth and development and encourage collaboration and problem-solving.

Want to see the difference that a Great Big Backyard makes? Book a tour of your local kindergarten and see it for yourself.