Growing lifelong learners

It feels like the only constant in life right now is change – and with no sign of things stopping,  life in the world our tamariki are growing into could look very different to today. Some of the work they do today may not even exist tomorrow, and it’s hard to tell how important the facts and figures they’ll learn today will be in the world of tomorrow.

So at kindergarten, the emphasis is on encouraging a love of learning and a capacity to keep adapting that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Researchers are now confirming what kindergarten has known for generations: children learn best when they follow their own interests, at their own pace, and have fun in the process.

Our fully trained, registered kaiako encourage tamariki to explore, make new discoveries and test out their theories of the world, all in a safe, nurturing environment.  Children build relationships with other children and adults,  giving them the opportunity to practice sharing and co-operation with others. They get to tackle problems, persist, and learn not to give up. Independence, language, literacy and numeracy skills grow along the way. In our Great Big Backyards, tamariki learn about the importance of sustainability and become culturally aware and confident – all through the magic of play.

At kindergarten, children know their thinking is valued, and they belong to a place where play is valued as “real work”.

Kidsfirst integrates Te Whāriki – New Zealand’s national early childhood education curriculum – into engaging learning every day. Tailored to each child and their whānau, it’s learning that weaves together education and fun – children at work alongside each other, making choices for play that engage them with the people, the places and the things of our environment and community.

Interested in all the ways kindergarten prepares tamariki for whatever comes next? Get in touch with the friendly teaching team at your local Kidsfirst kindergarten to find out more.