Every time of year is a great time at kindy.

Often, when we think about kindergarten, we picture happy, engaged children running and playing in the sunshine in our big backyards. But, truth be told, there is no single season for kindy. It’s so great all year around… filled with new experiences with every change of weather, and at all of the different times of year.

As one of our kaiako once said, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing, and not the right attitude.” We couldn’t agree more.

“We just do things like add another layer, another layer on the children,” says Head Teacher, Erna.

Every season brings chances to learn about the world around us, and provides different opportunities and activities. Every day, whatever the season, can be fun at kindergarten. Inside or out.

There’s no one season for having fun…

While we have lots going on inside the kindergartens all year round, the outdoors provides a myriad of experiences to keep young minds engaged.

From Kidsfirst Linwood taking to the windy skies with their home-made kites in autumn, to playing under the garden sprinklers on warmer days. Kidsfirst Nuffield visiting the nearby beach, or the tamariki at Karoro rushing outside (in their wet weather gear) when a sudden downpour created waterfalls cascading down from the roof.

It might be our excited young gardeners planting seeds and watching the new growth appear in spring, or harvesting the kindy’s crop over the summer months.

Of course, there are always puddles to splash in with our gumboots on, lawns to run on in bare feet when the weather is warm, muffins to make to warm us during grey days – kindergarten makes the most of it all.

See how our environment changes around us…

Our teachers often remark how observant the tamariki are about the changes in their environment during the changes of season. While many adults simply take this for granted, for a child it can be an almost magical transformation of their world. They notice when the leaves change on trees in the autumn, then fall to leave bare branches (on some trees, but not others), and then regenerate with fresh, vibrant growth in spring.

Stephanie, Head Teacher at Kidsfirst Linwood, says that “all through the year you can get out and have adventures.” Another of our kaiako, Zoë, adds that autumn and winter are a wonderful opportunity for the tamariki to learn about the seasons and what happens naturally throughout the year. “Children notice a lot of things,’ says Head Teacher Erna.

Erna adds that, “we have all our activities on offer still, but we might put a nice bucket of warm water in our water trough so it’s not so cold.” It’s about adapting to the weather and the opportunities it brings.

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