Our Uara, Waypoints

Taking our inspiration from ancient Māori and Polynesian navigators, we chart our journey each day, guided by the stars above the waka we all share.

These concepts influence everything we do and how we approach our mahi.

Waypoints are used to trace a path forward, while Uara speaks to the idea of values, and of travelling over water towards – and to reach – a destination. And so, we draw from the essence of this cluster the principles at the very heart of the Association.

As our name says, we never forget that we are here, first and foremost, for the tamariki.

We are Kidsfirst Kindergartens. These are our Uara – our Waypoints.

Guiding us on our journey…

Early Māori and Polynesian navigators used the stars to guide them in their travels across the Pacific Ocean. We took that as our inspiration for a set of values to help us to find our way forward… boarding our collective waka each day, bringing the wairua within each of us, as we embark on our daily routines.

They influence the mahi we do every day.

He waka eke noa. We are all in this together.

To take the analogy further, we aim to all be paddling in the same direction, working as one to reach our goals, and stay true to the Kidsfirst vision.

While there are these Uara, Waypoints to guide us, it is we together who chart our own course.

Waypoints are often used as a term in navigation, and Uara refers not only to the concept of ‘values’, but to travelling across water to reach land, travelling towards a destination.

It is, however, a continuing journey. These Uara are here to guide us every day, in everything we do.

They are:

Unity and working together.
Being part of a wider network, part of kindy, part of a community.

Stewardship, sustainability in all its forms,
including the long term vision for the Association.

Trust and integrity.
The intent of the organisation.

Engaged and connected with our whānau,
our communities, and each other.

Being welcoming, nurturing, supportive, and caring.

Happiness and wellbeing in our work – and having fun.

Being respectful towards, and showing humility to others,
being accepting and inclusive.
Open to people and ideas, and celebrating diversity.

This cluster begins with the concept of togetherness, and culminates with inclusiveness and acceptance, bringing this set of Uara full circle.

To differentiate the Waypoints, we’ve used the hues of the evening stars, from blues, oranges, and golds, to the colours of the Southern Lights.

Me mātau ki te whetū i mua te ko kiri o te haere.
Before you set forth on a journey, be sure you know the stars.

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