With nearly 70 kindergartens across the West Coast, Canterbury and Central Otago, 20 hours free for all 2-5 year olds, and a hundred-plus years proud history, Kidsfirst is a great place for your 2-5 year old* to start their formal education.

There’s so much going on outside our gates, but the world of kindergarten is a safe haven of normality. It’s a place where tamariki still get to be tamariki, no matter what.

Trained, registered teachers continue to provide a safe, nurturing space that is full of new things to discover, excitement, and fun. Children get to grow foundations that will prepare them for school, and a life beyond. And connections and friendships are made that can last a lifetime.

Places are filling fast, but there’s still time to get 2022 off to a great start. Find out more about all the ways Kidsfirst – and kindergarten – are Better Because, and secure your place today.

*At Kidsfirst Diamond Harbour and Niu, in Christchurch, tamariki can start even earlier.