Kindergarten is Special

Kindergarten – a German word that translates to ‘Children’s Garden’ is a philosophy that has been around for more than 100 years. It’s been such a popular option for families for so long, you’ll often hear people use the word ‘kindergarten’ to describe many kinds of early childhood education.

But, kindergarten is unique – and the things that make it special also make a big difference to tamariki and whānau in those all-important preschool years.

One of the key tenets kindergarten is founded on, is the idea that tamariki learn through play and their own interests, at their own pace. Every child is an individual, and the kindergarten setting ensures plenty of opportunities for  exploration, learning and developing important social and motor skills. Our fully trained, registered teachers are on hand to make the most of every learning opportunity, working with each child as an individual, using all a wealth of indoor and, in our Great Big Backyards, outdoor resources.

Kindergartens are not-for-profit, so they exist solely for the benefit of tamariki, whānau and communities. It’s not just about our structure, though. There is a long history of communities and families giving back to their local kindergarten, creating strong bonds and legacies and giving children the opportunity to experience the benefits of these activities.

Local kindergartens have always been a place for families with young children to be together, support each other, make friendships that often last for generations. 

We’re strongly committed to biculturalism and take our role as a partner in promoting and upholding the principles of Treaty of Waitangi very seriously. Kindergarten is, at its core, welcoming of diversity in all its forms and we are committed to inclusion, equity and fairness.

As a Kindergarten Association, Kidsfirst plays an active role in maintaining and growing professional standards of teaching and learning in New Zealand.  We place a large emphasis on quality standards and providing professional development opportunities to keep our teachers abreast of the latest research, while advancing the early childhood sector in New Zealand. 

When you choose kindergarten, you make a positive choice not just for your child’s learning and wellbeing, but for your entire whānau, your community, and generations of kiwis to come.

Ready to learn more? Experience the difference for yourself by booking a visit to your local Kidsfirst kindergarten.